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So to start this off I am going to tell you a little about myself! My name is Christina and I am currently living in a Studio Apartment with my husband of 7 months, with our cat and chihuahua.

I have always been fascinated by the 1940’s WW2 Homefront lifestyle, but never thought that I would be trying to live it! I was shocked when suddenly one day about 5 years ago that I started collecting things from WW2! I was even more shocked with myself when I discovered that I didn’t mind taking care of a home or a family. After all for almost 10 years I had attended to the needs of my ex-fiance and his daughter and our home. The only issue is, that with today’s society both heads of the house need to work. I couldn’t be a stay at home home maker. I HAD to work!

Now here I am 3 years out of that relationship and living with my amazing husband! Doing the things that I love to do. Still working full-time as a medical assistant, but also finding the time on the weekends to attend to our little home. Which in all honesty isn’t easy because of working and I am also in school to get my bachelors in Creative Writing. But I make the effort daily to make sure that I can accomplish all I can to make sure our house is a happy home!

This will turn into a daily blog to show what my days are like. And what is going on before and after work Monday-Friday and what happens on a normal day Saturday and Sunday. Now before anyone says “You have a man child!” or “Are you crazy? Make sure he helps out too!” I understand all of this, trust me I do. But this is the way I choose my life.

Also for you hardcore home makers before you say “Why attempt this and work?” or “You should just quit your job!” I really wish this was the case. But we do have bills that need to be paid and he does try his hardest to make sure that a majority of the money he earns pays at least 90% of the bills so I don’t have loose all my money in it. Sadly this is how society works right now, and I am forced to work because his job just doesn’t pay enough for one member not to work. As much as I would love stay home and clean and make sure my man is happy, I just can’t do it. With 2 car payments, rent, phone bills, power bill, insurance etc, there is just no way for me to stay home. I pay the rent and power and put gas in my own car, and pay my own car payment. While he attends to the rest.

If I need anything though he jumps up and makes sure he can get it for me. So we do try, and yes I do have his spoiled making sure that he is well cared and catered too. This is how I have chosen to live my life. So please no harsh judgement!